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Online Coaching

Are you seeking online training that feels personal? Are you looking for a program that is tailored to your needs rather than a one-size-fits-all, pre-written platform that leaves you feeling like a number? At Intentional Strength Training, we don’t just hand you a program and send you on your way to fight for your success. We care about your needs and your journey as if it were our own. We’ve walked a mile in your shoes and are here to guide you every step of the way on the path to reaching your goal(s). This is a community that cares and is here to support you as you build the lifestyle and body of your dreams. When you join us, you join a family.

Personalized Program Design

Tailored Approach:

Crafting bespoke health and wellness programs tailored to individual needs and goals.

Comprehensive Intake Process

Conducting in-depth intake assessments to understand clients' health history, goals, and lifestyle factors.

Lab Analysis and Review

Utilizing advanced laboratory testing and analysis to assess biomarkers and inform personalized interventions.

Holistic Lifestyle Interventions

Nutritional Guidance:

Providing customized dietary plans and nutritional guidance to optimize health and performance.

Supplement Support:

Recommending targeted supplementation to address specific deficiencies and support overall well-being.

Behavioral Coaching:

Implementing lifestyle modifications and behavioral coaching techniques to promote sustainable habits and long-term success.

Ongoing Support and Accountability

Weekly Check-ins:

Offering consistent support and accountability through weekly check-ins to monitor progress and adjust interventions as needed.

Community Engagement:

Facilitating a supportive online community where clients can connect, share experiences, and receive additional encouragement.

Continuous Education:

Empowering clients with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about their health and well-being for lifelong vitality.

About Me

Garrett "GQ" Query

I have been a personal trainer/coach for the past 5 years after going through my own health and fitness journey of losing 180lbs in total. After helping my best friend lose over 90lbs to fulfill his dreams of becoming active duty military in the United States Air Force, I quickly developed a passion for helping others with their fitness journeys and knew it was my calling. I earned my personal training certification in Feb of 2016 and had my business started by March of 2016. Throughout my years as a coach, I’ve worked primarily with a general population looking for fat loss and improving overall health and wellness. I’ve invested in the best education the private sector has to offer, including Muscle Nerds Health and Luke Lehman. My primary goal is to educate my clients moving them more and more towards self sufficiency. I specialize in working with women seeking fatness, muscle tone, and lifestyle changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide nutritional guidance to meet you where you are in your journey whether it’s hand measurements, macros, and or an elimination diet to repair your gut, hormones, and well being.

– Gut Health
– Natural Hormone Optimization
– Body recomposition, Fatloss, and Muscle building
– Program Design
– Lab interpretation
– Fatloss with Autoimmune conditions 

– 1 to 1 Online Coaching
– Personalized Nutrition Planning
– Lab review and consultation 

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